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The Registry

What is The Registry?


A Registry Certificate acknowledges and highlights the training, experience and professionalism that is vital to quality child care. It honors each recipient’s unique training and background by reflecting the following:


  • Level based on education and degree (View Registry Career Levels)

  • All child care and education positions for which the recipient is qualified in the state of Wisconsin

  • Number of years in the child care and education field

  • CPR, First Aid, and Shaken Baby Training


Does each teacher at CLC hold a current Registry Certificate?


Yes. Each year CLC renews each teacher’s certificate to reflect their current education and training that may have been added since the previous year and to add their number of years in the field.


Are these Registry Certificates available for viewing?


Yes. Each building has a wall dedicated for Registry Certificates. Each teacher’s certificate is framed and includes a picture of the teacher for easier identification. If a teacher is new to CLC, hired within the past 3 months, we may not yet have received their certificate from the state of Wisconsin. Once all of their information has been verified and we have received their certificate, it will be posted along with the others.


I noticed some of the certificates listed a Credential....what does that mean?


The Registry has developed professional credentials to meet the unique needs of the childhood care and education practitioners. Each professional credential is developed by a team of experts from Wisconsin and across the United States of America.


The decision to develop a credential is based on the demonstrated need of the early childhood professionals. A vast amount of research and work is involved in the planning and creation of a new credential.


Currently there are 10 different Credentials:


  • Infant Toddler

  • Preschool

  • Inclusion

  • Administrator

  • Diversity

  • Leadership

  • Afterschool & Youth Development

  • Family Child Care

  • Program Development

  • Supporting Dual Language Learners


Each professional credential is developed by and awarded by The Registry and has the following common elements:


  • Is credit based

  • Is a sequence of specific courses

  • Is 12-18 credits

  • Includes a Capstone Course to implement knowledge gained

  • Culminates in the development of a portfolio or project

  • Has a commission process


How can I find out more about The Registry?


All the above information and more can be found at the following website:

The Registry Story

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