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Parents' Corner



Register online at It’s super easy!!! Click on “not a member” and enter your family’s information. (for student put your last name and for teacher put CLC) Click on the “I accept” on the agreement. The last step is to enter the enrollment code: EE6EAD5433991

When you place your order there are two ways to pay: sign up for Presto Pay on the home page of and have the payment taken right out of your checking account (there is a $.39 fee each time) or you can drop the payment in CLC’s office. Orders must be in by 5:00 pm every other Friday evening and will be distributed to you upon arrival. As of right now the cards have been coming on Tuesday or Wednesday. Payment must be received prior to the coordinator completing your order.

Any questions please feel free to talk to our SCRIP coordinator Katrina 262.284.6502.





Parent Handbook

Electronic Surveillance and Key Fob Access Control


Safe to Sleep

CACFP Nondiscrimination statement with Complaint Filing Procedure


Field Trips


For each field trip, a permission slip or monthly calendar is sent home stating the destination, date and cost. The slip or calendar must be signed by the parent and returned to the classroom with the FEE IN CASH. Please do not include the field trip fees with your weekly childcare tuition. If you do not want your child to participate, you can make arrangements for alternative care that day.


Upcoming field trips are listed on each program room's monthly newsletter and/or calendar.




You are allowed two enrolled weeks of vacation per year. Enrolled weeks are the scheduled number of

days your child attends per week. If your child is scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday, you are allowed

four days of vacation days per year. If additional time is taken throughout the year, you have the option of

paying for the extra time, or paying a re-registration fee upon your return. Vacation time begins again upon re-registration.




Days Closed


CLC is closed on the following days in observance of holidays for 2024:​

  • January 1st  

  • May 27th

  • July 4th & 5th 

  • September 2nd

  • November 28th & 29th

  • December 24th & 25th

  • December 31st 

  • Jan 1st, 2025


Closing days will be reviewed each year and parents will be notified of any other closing days at least 30 days prior to the closing, if it is a planned closing.


Emergency Closings


In the event of mechanical failure of water, heat, light or weather related (snow) closings, parents will be notified by 6:00 am, through:


  • TV Channel 6

  • TV Channel 12

  • Email 

  • CLC's Facebook Page

  • CLC's Private Parent Page

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