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​Infant/Toddler Program


The purpose of the infant and toddler program is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the infant and toddler to explore.

Our goal is to assist parents to understand their infant and toddlers' changing and demanding needs.


Preschool Program


The purpose of the preschool program is to offer theme-related preschool activities and field trips that help the preschool age child understand the world in which they live.

The goals are to develop self-help, cognitive and appropriate social and physical skills.


CLC 4-Year Preschool Program


The purpose of our 4-year old preschool program is to create an environment which stimulates creativity and learning for children

CLC's goal is to have early childhood curriculum that creates an environment that promotes learning and social skills appropriate for our 4 year-olds. 

School Age Program


The purpose of the school age program is to provide adult supervised activities for the school age child 5-11 years of age.

Our goal is to have the school age child make appropriate decisions and learn problem solving skills that will allow them to make good choices when interacting with peers.

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